Nanopowder and -nanoprocessing


Our processes enable the production and further processing of nanopowders into a scalable product. We focus on new material properties and applications for our customers. The following overview shows some examples of our options.


Nanotube cleaning


Cleaning and alignment of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) can be carried out on customer request. Metallic nanoparticles become specifically removed from nanotube bundles, reducing their size. In contrast to ultrasound processing, the lengths of the CNTs become slightly shortened. Our further process enables the production of buckypapers with the best thermal conductivity values.


Superparamegnetic particles


We are able to produce superparamagnetic nanoparticles. These can be used for various applications such as HF electric motors, storage media and superparamagnets. The material properties can be set through the appropriate combination of particle sizes.




We coat both micro- and nanoparticles with further nanoparticles. This allows us to vary the optical, catalytic, electrical, acoustic and magnetic properties through the interaction at the transitions between the particle layers. It is also possible to build up several layers.